Anderson Silva: Will He Fight Both Jon Jones and Georges St-Pierre?

By Eric Carlisle
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

UFC president Dana White was in Chicago this last week for UFC on FOX 6, where he dropped a nice bit of information for fight fans all over the world. White said that middleweight champion Anderson Silva was on the verge of signing a new deal with the UFC, and that’s not even the best news he had.

White also said that the champ will fight both Jon Jones and Georges St-Pierre before he retires. This is just months after St-Pierre defended his strap against Carlos Condit and the “Super Fight” was rumored to be all but dead.

It doesn’t sound like these fights will be anytime soon because St-Pierre has his next bout scheduled for UFC 158 against Nick Diaz in March, and Jones at UFC 159 against Chael Sonnen in late April. But according to the White they will happen. In meantime the Silva doesn’t have a lot of quality opponents in his weight class left to fight since he pretty much ran through everyone in the division.

It’s rumored that Silva will fight sometime this spring, but the opponent hasn’t been named just yet. Some think it will be Chris Weidman who gets the next chance at the 185 strap but that won’t exactly be a great headliner for a fight card.

Reports are that Silva’s new deal will be an eight or ten fight contract, so that could create somewhat of a timetable for when these fights might happen. I could see them possibly being his last two fights of his career, and that would be an amazing end for who may be, pound-for-pound, the greatest fighter the sport has ever seen.

I hope all of this is true, and I can understand why people would be skeptical because we have heard this same story before. I’ve been waiting for the Silva/St-Pierre fight for years and that would be the kind of fight that comes around once in a lifetime. Same thing with the Silva/Jones fight, both of them could be fights that rewrite the history books for attendance and pay-per-view buys.

Dare I even say one of these fights could be the first MMA fight in Madison Square Garden? It’s possible, and heck maybe even Cowboy Stadium. Let’s just hope they happen because these fights could be the shining moment for the sport.

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