Bellator Needs to Let Eddie Alvarez Sign With the UFC

Jake Roth-USA Today Sports

It has now been 23 days since Bellator sued Eddie Alvarez for breach of contract.  That is 23 days of bad publicity for an organization that is struggling to make a name for itself on Spike TV.  At this point, no matter what the final ruling is, Bellator will come out as the losers in this lawsuit.

Yesterday, Alvarez blasted Bellator on his Twitter account, stating, “I can’t wait [until] everything comes to the surface.  You and myself are being lied to, I promise.”  Alvarez then took shot at his former friend, Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney, saying, ” I have friends, [none] of them never handed me a 100 page doc to sign before we became friends.”

One has to wonder what Bellator has left to gain out of continuing this dispute.  Even if Bellator wins this lawsuit and prevents Alvarez from joining the UFC, would they really want a disgruntled Alvarez representing their brand.  Likewise, by continuing this lawsuit with Alvarez, Bellator runs the risk of alienating prospective fighters.

Dana White addressed these concerns to a group of reporters shortly after the UFC on Fox 6 press conference. White stated, “[Rebney] is a boxing guy.  That’s what boxing guys do, they sue everybody.”

White went on to issue a warning to fighters and MMA managers, saying, “You better think long and hard if you are about to do a deal with Bellator.  Think long and hard about how you negotiate that contract.”

At this point, Bellator needs to move on from Alvarez and let him fight for the UFC.  Rebney is gaining the reputation of being tough promoter to deal with, and this Alvarez situation may just cost Bellator the next blue-chip MMA prospect.

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