Randy Couture Signs Deal With Bellator

By Jeremy Green
Randy Couture UFC
Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

Former UFC light heavyweight and heavyweight champion Randy Couture has signed a deal with Bellator, according to Loretta Hunt.  This deal includes multiple TV projects with the company as well as being the coach for Bellator’s first fighter reality show, which begins shooting next month.

In the past, Randy has had shaking relations with the UFC and company, and this more than likely won’t go over too well with them since Bellator is considered a competitor with the UFC.  Randy Couture has had a Hall-Of-Fame career under the Zuffa banner, and it will be interesting to see what Dana White thinks about this recent move.

Also, it will be interesting to see how well Bellator’s reality series can do on the Spike network.  TUF series has struggled in past seasons because the product seems to be lacking in terms of meaningful fighters.  If Bellator wants to be successful on television, they will need to do some novel things in terms of the format and the coaching as well.  Well, they certainly are covered in the coaching aspect for the time being because Randy Couture knows the ends and outs of MMA unlike any fighter and has a huge name in the sport.

Couture coached against Chuck Liddell in the first season of TUF, which featured fighters like Forrest Griffin, Chris Leben, and Josh Koscheck.  Now, he will take his talents to Bellator, which is a huge move for both parties.  Couture will be able to get some spotlight again and build his image, and Bellator will have an excellent coach that was one of the best fighters in his prime.

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