Despite Obstacles, Dana White Still Planning 20th Anniversary Show at Madison Square Garden

Dana White went off on one of his classic rants during this week’s episode of “UFC Tonight.”  Surprisingly, the majority of his venom was not directed toward Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.  Instead, White lashed out at the state of New York for its inability to regulate MMA in time for the UFC’s 20th Anniversary show.

When asked by Kenny Florian about the UFC’s plans for New York, White replied, “We are working on it, but it’s amazing what dirty, stinking gangsters this Culinary Union from Las Vegas is.  They are the scummiest group of people you could ever even imagine dealing with.”

White was speaking about Culinary Union, which is a sworn enemy of UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta.   The union has been vocal about their determination to make life miserable for the UFC in order to force Fertitta to abandon his practice of hiring non-union workers at his Station Casinos.  Thus far, the union has been successful in disrupting UFC plans by using its powerful lobbying voice with New York politicians.

White acknowledged the political pull possessed by the Culinary Union.  “They are very powerful.  The corruption that is going on over there is mind-boggling.  Corruption is definitely going on between New York and the Culinary Union.”

At that point in the interview, Chael Sonnen stepped in to change the subject.  White, however, was not finished and continued, “You would never imagine this could happen within our government and in this country in 2013. ”

However, White’s statements did contain some reason for optimism by New York MMA fans.  White confirmed the UFC’s intention to have their 20th anniversary event at Madison Square Garden.

When asked whether the UFC had already placed a deposit with that venue, White replied, “Madison Square Garden has been phenomenal in supporting us in bringing this event to New York.  There is no reason this event should not be in New York.”

I think White speaks for all MMA fans.  This milestone event needs to be held in New York.