Alistair Overeem Calls Big Foot Silva a Baby

By Ben Leven
Alistair Overeem UFC
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

If there was a fight fit for human titans, then it would have to be a fight between Alistair Overeem and Antonio Silva, Big Reem and Big Foot! I cannot wait to see Overeem take apart Silva, much like Cain Velasquez took him apart and left him broken, battered and bloody. Well enough of my biases, indicating who I think will win.

Ariel Helwani had a brief interview with the imposing Overeem. During the interview, Helwani asked Overeem about a few things, such as Overeem’s game show exploits in Japan and what he thought about Silva.

Helwani asked if there was anything between these two fighters, a beef if you will, as he put it. The Dutch kickboxing monster, calmly stood there and reassured, while there was no real bad blood between them, he clearly has no love for Silva.

“No, there’s no beef, he’s just acting like a baby. It’s like, he’s always like, yeah I want to fight him. But then when I see him, he’s like, ‘hey give me a hug’, he’s just a fake guy. Yeah, I’m just going to beat him up on Saturday and that will be the end of that”

Helwani reminded Overeem that Silva has been going around questioning him as a fighter, implying that Overeem has gotten softer in the cage. To which Overeem replied, comically.

“He doesn’t speak English, so who’s listening. See that, he has a translator, I don’t.”  

                Overeem was looking poised and confident. Hopefully, he can show us that he’s just as dangerous as ever when he takes it to Silva on Saturday, at UFC 156

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