GSP Takes Apart Big Mouth Fan

By Ben Leven
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

What is it with MMA fans who feel they have the right to smack talk fighters, because they watched hours and hours of UFC? Well I guess that’s America for you, actually in this particular instance of fan trash talk, was in Canada. Canada, America, same difference. Never the less, this instance of trash talking was directed at Georges St. Pierre himself.

Really, you’re going to try and spit game at pound for pound one of the greatest fighters of all time? During a press conference in Montreal, GSP was doing a Q and A with some fans. One of the fans asked GSP, in regards to his match with Nick Diaz at UFC 158; if he (GSP) would win by KO or just do the minimum?

GSP calmly and coolly replied:

                “It’s not easy in the cage, you probably never did fight someone in the cage, you should try it yourself.”

To be fair the fan asked him a valid, albeit stupid question. GSP has racked up enough KO victories to show us that he is capable of not just doing the “minimum” to win. But, to be fair again, it can be just as hard as winning by points or submission, it all depends on the fighters. Most champs like GSP never go for the bare minimum.

Fighting is astronomically difficult if not astronomically fun, but don’t talk smack to a man who knows loads more than you do. I’ve got to hand it to that Canadian fan. It takes guts to ask GSP a stupid and condescending question like that.


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