Frankie Edgar In A Must Win Situation At UFC 156

Frankie Edgar

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports


As the main event of UFC 156 draws near, reality of the moment has to be weighing heavily on Frankie Edgar. Edgar has had an impressive career as a Lightweight, but back-to-back title losses has the 31 year-old entering the ring as a featherweight for the first time in his career. Edgar fought the change in weight class for as long as he could, but the offer of an immediate title match finally convinced him to drop the ten pounds and challenge Jose Aldo for the featherweight belt.

The fight will give Edgar a chance to become just the third person to ever become a champion in two different classes, but it also puts him in jeopardy of losing three title fights in a row under the same circumstances.

This makes tonight’s fight a double-edged sword for Frankie Edgar.

Every fight is a high risk, high reward situation, but Edgar finds himself putting his legacy on the line tonight when he challenges Aldo. This is hard to believe considering the fact that Edgar held the lightweight title for the better part of two years. You would think that holding a title for such a long time would ensure a champion an elevated place in MMA lore, but a loss against Also could do irreparable damage to how Edgar is remembered.

Nothing will come easy tonight for either fighter considering they are two of the best pound for pound fighters in the game. The fans will surely be treated to a fantastic match, they will watch in awe, cheer for the victor and move on to the next line-up. For Frankie Edgar, the show could end here at UFC 156.


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