UFC 156 Results: Tyron Woodley KOs Jay Hieron

Tyron Woodley UFC


Tyron Woodley impressed many UFC fans tonight as he knocked out Jay Hieron within seconds of the opening frame.  In the opening round, Woodley would land a huge straight right, sending Hieron to the canvas.  Woodley would follow it up with some viscous ground and pound, forcing the ref to step in.

Woodley is now 1-0 in the UFC, and this certainly made a huge statement in the welterweight division as Hieron has always shown to have a durable chin.  It only took 36 seconds to get the win for his UFC debut, and now has the chance to do some big things in the welterweight division.

Woodley has always had a dominant wrestling game, which can be seen with his victories under the Strikeforce banner.  It wasn’t until Nate Marquardt stopped him that made him change his game and work on his hands.  Well, his recent work certainly has proven to be paying off as this knockout was sensational.

It will be interesting to see who the UFC matches him up with.  Maybe another mid-tier welterweight like Brian Eborsole, Martin Kampmann, or Thiago Alves will suffice as an opponent.  Regardless of who the UFC matches him up with, it is clear that Woodley is putting all of his skills together quite nicely.

A dominant wrestling game coupled with knockout power certainly makes him a threat against even the elite in the division.  Hopefully, he can continue to grow as a UFC fighter , which shouldn’t be a problem because his dedication is second to none.  Congrats Tyron Woodley.