UFC 156: Frankie Edgar Will Struggle In Featherweight Championship

By Jeff Everette
Frankie Edgar- Ron Chenoy
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports


Frankie Edgar will be dropping down in weight class to challenge Jose Aldo as the UFC156 main event. This featherweight matchup is between two of the best fighters in the game and the line is extremely close to call on this one.

The problem for Edgar is that he will be dropping down to take on Aldo who will have the advantage in size, speed and strength. His strength will be in his athletic ability and his dominant speed, and Edgar is going to have a tough time finding an opportunity to make his own impact on the fight.

By no means is this going to be an easy fight for Aldo, in fact, it will likely be the toughest match of his career. Frankie can soak up the punishment and Aldo will need to dish it out in excess if he hopes to end the fight early.

If this match goes to the decision, Aldo will likely be the victor. Edgar will need to rely on his toughness, and big match experience to give him an opportunity to end the fight early and steal the title away from the stronger Aldo.

Regardless of winner, this match sets up to be a terrific start to the 2013 title fights. These two will battle it out and will leave nothing in reserve. With the rest of the card boasting names like Rashad Evans, Alistair Overseem and Tyron Woodly it promises to be a fantastic night for the UFC.


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