Alistair Overeem and Overconfidence

By Ben Leven
Antonio Silva
Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

When ever I find myself on a hot streak, I find myself moments later on a losing streak because I overestimated my abilities. Any wise man will tell you that overconfidence is your greatest enemy. When overconfidence takes a man, he thinks he is invulnerable, which is impossible. Therefore, a man who believes he cannot lose puts himself on pedestal that is not there. Sooner or later he will lose in the worst way imaginable.

At UFC 156, this weekend, Alistair Overeem was a victim of overconfidence, when he fought Antonio Big Foot Silva. Before going into the fight, Overeem did not see anything threatening about Silva. To Overeem, Silva was just one giant walking target, as he put it.

Then as Joe Rogan put it after Overeem lost, he had no respect for Silva’s strikes and he was punished dearly for it. Silva’s big foot met Overeem’s head, rocking him and allowing Silva to unleash a wave of punches, ending the match in round two.

Silva made believers out of us that night and left Overeem in disbelief. Skill wise, Overeem was the better fighter, at least on his feet, where most of the fight was anyways. By underestimating Silva’s abilities and overestimating his own, Overeem took one of the worst beatings of his career.

An instructor once told me, if you fight someone with your guard down, it means you have no respect for their skill. No one ever said that you have to respect your opponent’s character, but God help you if you don’t respect his skill. Overeem had neither respect for Silva’s character or skill and look what happened.

A loss like this will either make or break Overeem. I think, or at least I hope, a mistake this big, knocked some sense into Overeem.

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