UFC: Anthony Pettis wants to end Jose Aldo's reign

By Stowe Gregory
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Following Jose Aldo‘s victory over Frankie Edgar at UFC 156, Anthony Pettis has stated he wants to challenge Aldo for the UFC‘s featherweight title.

Pettis, 26, told UFC Presdient, Dana White that he wants to challenge Aldo for his belt. White, excitingly for fans, released this news in the post-event press conference in Las Vegas;

“Anthony Pettis texted me and he said, ‘I want to go to 145 and fight Jose Aldo’… He just text me 10 minutes ago. He’d go down, telling me he’d go to 145.”

Pettis, from Wisconsin has a record of 3-1 in UFC. This week he beat Donald Cerrone (6-2 UFC) in the first round.

White believes that Pettis may fight Chan Sung Jung next, however he is expected to be out with injury until later this spring.

“If [Pettis] went down and fought [Aldo], you do Zombie (Chan Sung Jung) and Lamas. But Zombie is hurt. Zombie’s out for a while still.” 

For Aldo it would mean a 2nd superfight for a title already in 2013, he beat Edgar via a unanimous decision after five rounds at UFC 156 and has since said;

“It’s up to Dana, but that is an interesting fight. I train to fight the best and respect them all. Pettis is almost there with a title shot in his own division, but that would be an interesting fight.”

Pettis was the WEC lightweight champion when the organization merged into UFC.

The news is in some ways exciting for UFC fans – with another big title fight possibility, and perhaps an end to Aldo’s featherweight reign, having defended the belt a previous six times.

Whether or not Pettis is the best man to do so is likely to be a matter of opinion, but he certainly seems capable of giving Aldo a good run for his money to me.


By Stowe Gregory@stowegregory

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