Tyron Woodley Takes Impressive First Step Towards George St. Pierre

By Jeff Everette
Tyron Woodley-Gary A. Vasquez USA TODAY Sports
Gary A. Vasquez USA TODAY Sports


Tyron Woodley has made it very clear he is entering the UFC for a reason. He has a set plan of action, and he has told the world what each step is. First, was a dominant win against Jay Hieron, then two more fights with top five opponents, and then a title shot against the No. 1 welterweight in the world, George St. Pierre.

Woodley checked off step one on Saturday night at UFC 156 when he destroyed Hieron without breaking a sweat. The win inspired NFL linebacker, Lamar Woodley, to turn to twitter nearly as quickly as his cousin had sent Hieron to the trainer’s table.



Tyron stepped into the Octagon and did exactly what he needed to do, dropping Hieron and then quickly finishing him off with a flurry of punches. The 36 seconds stands to serve the UFC notice that this former Strikeforce fighter was not here to play games. Woodley means business and will be eagerly looking forward to his next fight against a top tier opponent.

One thing is for certain, Woodley should pay attention to what overconfidence did to some of the other fighters at UFC 156, most notably Alistair Overseem, who was knocked out by a surprisingly crafty Antonio Silva.

Learning from the mistakes of others could potentially make Woodley’s life much easier, and when you set dethroning GSP as your ultimate goal, you need everything in your life to be as easy as possible!

Woodley’s goals may seem lofty, but with just one loss, and several dominant wins, Woodley joins the UFC as a clear threat to the rest of the welterweight talent. GSP may not be sweating much after Woodley’s 36 second debut, but let this determined and talented 30-year-old check another step or two off of his plan and then go check the champ’s temperature and see how comfortable he feels.

Chances are, Woodley will have his full attention, something the new UFC fighter may have second thoughts about before it is all said and done.

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