UFC 156 Winners & Losers

By Jeremy Green
Jose Aldo UFC
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UFC 156 kicked off this weekend and displayed some amazing fights in multiple weight classes. Jose Aldo successfully defended his featherweight crown, forcing Frankie Edgar to eat a lot of leg kicks early and often.  Frankie would rally back, however, winning the last couple of rounds in what was a close decision loss for him. Let’s now take a look at the rest of the main card and see who the winners and losers are.

UFC 156 Winners

The biggest winner of the night is Jose Aldo. Coming into this fight, he was considered to be a pound-for-pound great, and he proved it this weekend as he defeated another exceptional fighter in Frankie Edgar. Aldo landed some devastating kicks in the bout, and was never really in trouble at any point.  His take down defense was on full display, and he now has made the case for moving up to the lightweight division in hopes of getting another championship belt. He can only go up from here, and may soon be squaring off against Anthony Pettis, who told Dana he doesn’t mind shedding a few pounds to meet him at featherweight.

Demian Maia is a huge winner of the night as he completely dominated Jon Fitch in the grappling department, which is a rare occurrence for the Purdue standout wrestler. It was a sterling performance from Maia, who is now 3-0 in the division. This win solidified his status as being a legit contender in the welterweight division, which is currently being reigned by George St. Pierre. If Maia continues his grappling dominance, he will surely get a title shot in 2013.

Antonio Silva scored a massive KO over the former Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem. Coming into this fight, many believed Overeem would destroy Silva standing. However,  Silva showed he can hang with the best on the feet, stopping Overeem in the third round. What’s amazing about the fight is that he was losing two rounds until the knockout came, giving him one of his best victories to date.

UFC 156 Losers

The biggest loser of this card was Alistair Overeem. Even in the press conferences, it was clear that Overeem didn’t respect Silva as a fighter. This played to his defeat as he constantly had his hands down and didn’t feel threatened on the feet with Silva. It proved to be a bad mistake as Silva was able to hurt Overeem in the third, stunning him until he toppled over to the canvas. His title shot is now long gone, and he certainly paid for all of his disrespect and trash talk against a competent fighter in Silva.

Rashad Evans is a huge loser of the night. This bout against Antonio Nogueira was expected to be an easy win, but Rashad fell flat and just didn’t seem sharp in any round. He would constantly touch Nogueria’s gloves, trying to gauge the distance between him and Nogueira. Rashad would even go for spme takedowns, but was unsuccessful.

Nogueira landed some stiff jabs to Rashad, scoring enough to earn a unanimous decision. It was one of the worst performances from Rashad in a long time, and he really hasn’t looked exceptional since his KO loss to Lyoto Machida. He either needs to drop down to the middleweight division, or think about switching things up with his training camps because he can’t suffer another loss.

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