Alistair Overeem vs. Junior Dos Santos should be booked

By Jeremy Green
Junior Dos Santos-UFC
Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

Alistair Overeem came into UFC 156 with a lot of hype. It was widely considered that he would be next in line for a UFC heavyweight title shot with a win over Antonio Silva. However, Silva derailed the Overeem hype, knocking him out in dramatic fashion in the final round.

Overeem clearly was getting the better of Silva on the ground and on the feet, but Silva capitalized when Overeem stood right in the pocket with his hands down.

Now that Overeem has lost against Silva, UFC and company should book Overeem vs. Junior Dos Santos. The hype behind this fight would be amazing, since both fighters have stated their disdain for each other. Also, they both exceptional stand up abilities, so this fight is more than likely not going the distance.

Overeem will need to rebound back in a big way, and a win over JDS would certainly propel him back up the rankings. If Overeem wants to remain competitive in the bout, he will need to work on his striking defense and execute a brilliant strategy. Also, he may want to transition camps as the Blackzillians have not looked great these past couple of months.

JDS is coming off a devastating loss to Cain Velasquez, which wasn’t competitive at all for five rounds. Coming into the fight, JDS stated he was dealing with a divorce, which may partly attribute to JDS’s lackluster performance.  Can he rebound off a tough loss to Cain? And will Overeem rattle back and get another win in the UFC? Stay tuned!

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