Anderson Silva Tops Jon Jones In Pound-For-Pound UFC Fighter Rankings

By Jeff Everette
Anderson Silva-Mark J Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Anderson Silva-Mark J Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The UFC has developed an official rankings list for their fighters call the UFC Fighter Rankings. It is much like the rankings we see in other sports, with the fighters all being voted on by a select group of media members. Each weight class is topped by whoever the champion in that class is and then filed out from there down. It makes perfect sense, and should be a complete success.

The best part of the UFC Fighter Rankings is the inclusion of a pound-for-pound list. This allows the voters to determine who is the best fighter in the UFC, period. It does not matter whether the fighter is lightweight, heavyweight, or any of the other weight classes, they all get ranked in terms of who the voters feel is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

It is no surprise that the main title holders are all at the top of the list, but what some may find surprising is that Anderson Silva beat out both Jon Jones and Georges St. Pierre to top the first edition of the UFC Fighter Rankings.

Trying to even everyone out to evaluate how they would fare against each other is a tough task, and there will be those who feel that the light heavyweight Jones, or the welterweight GSP, would take it to Anderson, who holds the middleweight title. The majority of the people probably look at this list and see the top spot as being dead on. Until someone takes Silva down a notch or two, the guy deserves to be known as the UFC’s greatest warrior.

The list is a fantastic idea and the first edition left little to be argued. Anyone can make a case for anyone at nearly any number, but there were no glaring mistakes that jumped off of the list.

Congratulations to the UFC for getting this one right, and to Anderson Silva for getting the credit he deserves.


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