Vitor Belfort and TRT

By Ben Leven
Vitor Belfort UFC
Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

Vitor Belfort has been looking awfully mighty lately. I have not seen a fighter put on so much muscle in a long time. When Belfort stepped up to Michael Bisping a few weeks ago, at UFC on Fox, he looked like a middleweight-sized monster. Seriously, Belfort is huge now! It’s like when you compare 1962 GI Joe to 2002 GI Joe. One minute the dude looks like an all-natural athlete, then a few years later Belfort is looking like a mini Brazilian Hulk.

Belfort suffers from a testosterone deficiency, and is being treated with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). As you know, testosterone is that magical little hormone in people, predominately in men that give us big muscles, epic facial hair and hair trigger tempers.

When you look at Belfort now – and I mean really look at him, you will easily say, ‘yeah the dude is on something’ and he is. TRT is a perfectly legal way to engineer those muscles, because if his condition is not treated, the medical consequences can be dire.

There are talks of giving Belfort another shot at Anderson Silva for the middleweight title. The last time Silva and Belfort met, Silva’s foot met Belfort’s face and knocked him out. If Belfort and Silva did meet now, with Belfort’s testosterone advantage, some may argue that it would be a clear disadvantage for Silva.

But when is Silva ever at a disadvantage? Silva faced Stephan Bonnar at UFC 153, and Bonnar tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs after getting destroyed by Silva. However, Belfort is miles above Bonnar in terms of skill and with that TRT-added bonus, it could be dangerous for Silva.

Still, if these two ever met again, I am certain Silva would defeat him, genetically-enhanced muscles or not.

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