Who should be Next for Cain Velasquez?

By Ben Leven
Cain Velasquez-UFC

Who should be next for Cain Velasquez? Some MMA fans are saying it should be Alistair Overeem, some are saying it should be Antonio Big Foot Silva. One thing is for certain and unfortunate. It will not be Daniel Cormier that is for sure, although I think it should be.

However Velasquez has expressed his reluctance for fighting Cormier.

“I would not fight Daniel Cormier “He’s my coach, teammate, and friend.”

Come on Velasquez now is not the time to let personal feelings get in the way of what could be a great fight. However, even the most hardened of fighters can’t deny their feelings. Velasquez is the most dominant heavyweight in the UFC right now.

If there would be anyone to face Velasquez right now that made the most sense, it would be Alistair OVereem. But after Overeem was destroyed by Antonio Big Foot Silva last weekend at UFC 156, that possibility may not happen any time soon and another contender will come about. Overeem could’ve been a perfect contender for Velasquez, but he blew that chance, Overeem needs to go back to the drawing board.

So then logically doesn’t that mean the man to face the champ should be the Silva? Well yes and no. Yes because he did beat the guy who was next in line and no because Silva already lost to Velasquez in a bad way.

This is a melon scratcher, a Chinese riddle if you will. The best thing to do is see how Cormier does in the UFC then I think we will be closer to having an answer.

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