Johny Hendricks to George St. Pierre: 'You're an idiot'

By Jeremy Green
Johny Hendricks UFC
Joe Camporeale-US Presswire

Heavy-hitter Johny Hendricks has risen in the ranks in the welterweight division.  He is currently on an impressive winning streak, beating tough fighters such as Jon Fitch, Josh Koscheck, and Martin Kampmann.  This streak certainly warrants a title shot, but Johny was passed over as George St. Pierre wanted to fight Nick Diaz instead.

In a recent interview with MMA Mania, Hendricks described the situation in further detail.

“My reaction was like, ‘Really?! You’re an idiot.’ He said that Condit really did beat Nick Diaz, know what I’m saying? He said, ‘I’m fighting the true number one contender Carlos Condit,’ and now, he’s going backtracking and saying, ‘Well, I think [Hendricks] lost.’ Who cares?”

Hendricks has a right to be mad as he has beat some of the best in the welterweight division right now.  Stylistically, it’s a tough match up for George because Hendricks can end the fight with one punch and has exceptional wrestling skills.  Something Nick Diaz doesn’t have, so a Diaz fight does seem to be the safer choice for GSP.

However, GSP has been fighting for years now and so has Nick Diaz, so this fight arguably sells better in terms of pay per view buys.  Diaz has the bigger name, so it’s smart for the UFC.  All Hendricks has to do is keep winning and he will eventually get his title shot; just like Jon Fitch did when he went on a 16 fight win streak.

Hendrick’s game inside the cage will be enough to sell a GSP fight, which is something Hendricks more than likely deserves already.  Up next for Hendricks is a fight with Jake Ellenberger.  If victorious, then the UFC has to grant him a title shot.

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