Dear Evan Dunham: Columnists have their opinion, live with it

By Al Stover
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

UFC lightweight Evan Dunham is not happy with Bleacher Report because a writer did not like something he wrote.

Dunham, currently 14-3, took to Radio to voice his opinion about a columnist who wrote that Dunham was not ready for a top 10 lightweight after his performance against Gleison Tibau at UFC 156 and added that Dunham would probably “get murdered by Rafael dos Anjos or Khabib Nurmagomedov.” He also added that he would like to fight dos Anjos in order to “shut up the other dude.”

“Bleacher Report put out something – I’m not very happy with that guy, but I don’t let it get to me.”

I would say that the column did get to him as he is trying to silence the columnist by calling out one of the two guys mentioned by the columnist.

In the article, the writer however did say that Dunham was a solid lightweight fighter and deserved a spot in the UFC. He just said that there are fighters in the UFC who are better than Dunham, which I agree. Dos Anjos has the edge over Dunham in experience and has more finishes. That said, anything can happen in MMA and Dunham could end up destroying dos Anjos in the first round.

Still, Dunham’s outcry towards a writer is nothing new in the media. He is not the first athlete to get angry about something a columnist wrote about him. However it is interesting that he is upset at the website put out one negative thing that one writer wrote about him, yet failed to mention about all of the other positive things written about him in the past by Bleacher Report’s writers.

One columnist wrote that he was “the lightweight division’s hottest prospect.” This was before his loss to first-round TKO loss to Melvin Guillard.

I’m not saying Dunham needs to apologize to the website or anything, but he should take in the idea that what one writer says, whether they are a part-time contributor or a full-time staff, it is just one person’s opinion.

Furthermore, Dunham needs to realize that columnists have their own opinions and whether or not he fights and defeats dos Anjos, that writer is going to continue to write about him whether he likes it or not.

For now Dunham should concentrate on his next fight no matter who he faces. If he was angry with the columnist before, imagine how he would feel if he lost his next fight and Bleacher Report told him to write an opinion about it.


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