B.J. Penn Undergoes Surgery

By Jeremy Green
B.J. Penn UFC
Image via BleacherReport.com

It appears UFC fighter B.J. Penn is prepping to undergo eye surgery in order to repair cataract.  This news comes via BJPenn.com.

“January of last year is when I first noticed there was a problem. I was looking at my iPhone and I really couldn’t tell what was going on. At first, I thought I tore my retina, so I went to my doctor and he said, ‘I can see right away what the problem is, you have a cataract.’

This type of eye injury certainly didn’t help his chances at defeating rising start Rory MacDonald, who currently trains alongside UFC welterweight champ George St. Pierre.  As fighters get older, their skills and reaction time tends to slow down.  A lot of this is predicated on the ability to see clearly.  Is cataracts to blame for B.J. Penn’s latest defeat against Rory MacDonald?  Probably not, but maybe their is a silver lining in this.

After Penn undergoes this surgery, he will have time to recover and think about his mixed martial arts career.  Once he has reflected, maybe he will get the fire reignited in order to compete inside the UFC again.  It’s always nice to see fighters end their career on a high note, and maybe this eye surgery will act as a catalyst in some regard.

Penn always brings the warrior spirit with him to the cage, and his skills are never to be questioned.  Maybe this surgery will give him a chance to rebuild his conditioning in hopes of getting another fight.  Maybe Penn will even drop back down to the lightweight division, where he had the most success as a fighter.  Stay tuned!

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