Tito Ortiz's Risky First Move as a Manager

By Kevin Jaress
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Tito Ortiz is holding a press conference Friday to announce “big news” regarding Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos. The UFC Hall of Famer manages Santos in his post-UFC career as a fighter manager.

Santos is Ortiz’s most recognizable client. If Ortiz wishes to make a name for himself as an elite manager, he must deliver for Santos in her upcoming departure from her UFC contract.

Ortiz told Inside MMA that Santos is unwilling to drop down to 135 pounds to fight in the UFC’s bantamweight division. Those are bold demands for a fighter who has not competed professionally since 2011.

“I talked to her and she said she wanted to start a family and wants to have kids. That’s what it is truly about,” Ortiz said.

Ortiz later discussed his managerial skills, noting he was the one who asked for Santos’ release from the UFC. Eventually, he began bragging about other fights he already lined up for his client.

“You’ll be seeing Cyborg crush some other women’s faces,” he said.

On Friday, in his first big move as a manager, he will announce Santos’ future at a planned press event. An announcement of this type would normally draw substantial interest from the media. Friday’s event, however, is sandwiched between two significant MMA events.

His big news runs the risk of being immediately overshadowed by the previous night’s fights taking place at Bellator 89. Likewise, during his announcement, the majority of the top MMA media elements will already be traveling to England for UFC on Fuel 7 coverage and unable to report on the announcement.

It is difficult to imagine Ortiz delivering news so groundbreaking that it takes the top MMA headlines on a day packed with so many major events. The resulting failure will likely be an early learning lesson for him in his new career as a manager.



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