The White-Couture Saga is Overblown

By Kevin Jaress
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Dana White and Randy Couture had a well-publicized falling out and are no longer in business together.  These situations are common in the fight business.  The added element of Couture’s son, however, has caused the media to sensationalize this situation over the past 10 days.

White told a group of reporters after UFC 156 that Randy would be absent from the corner of his son, Ryan Couture, at UFC on Fuel TV 9 in Sweden.  White explained he had a conversation with Ryan outlining these conditions, which Ryan agreed to.

Why, almost two weeks later, are both White and Randy still receiving questions about this?

One angle the media continues to pursue is Randy might appear in Ryan’s corner with the blessing of the athletic commission, despite White’s objections.

These stories, for the most part, are bogus.  White and Ryan established a mutual agreement regarding Randy’s absence nearly 14 days ago.  Additionally, Randy’s schedule prevents him from traveling to Sweden during Ryan’s fight.

The media, however continues to pepper both White and Randy with questions regarding this non-issue.

“It’s not a UFC decision or an athletic commission decision.  Ryan and I had a conversation…We had a resolution to the whole thing,” White reiterated to a group of reporters Wednesday.

While White’s statements should have put an end to the questions, several desperate reporters have continued to stir the pot.

In an interview by ecdctech’s channel (seen above), Couture was once again forced to comment on cornering his son in Sweden.  “That is, first and foremost, a decision for Ryan to make,” Randy said firmly, referencing Ryan’s agreement with White.

“I will actually be up in Vancouver working on another movie [during Ryan’s fight],” Randy said, in a final attempt to close the book on this media-driven controversy.

While White and Randy have done their best to put this issue behind them, the media has not let it rest and is sure to keep this story alive throughout the weeks leading up to Ryan’s fight.  This distraction, unfortunately, harms Ryan and the rest of the card’s fighters who are vying for exposure of their skills as MMA fighters.


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