Tito Ortiz Botches First Press Conference as Cyborg's Manager

By Kevin Jaress

Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos called a press conference Friday to announce her post-Strikeforce career intentions through her manager Tito Ortiz.

This press conference, however, was an utter failure.

Ortiz took the podium and butchered the introduction.  In fact, the few who attended the press event were likely cringing at Ortiz’ multiple gaffes.

“The future of [Santos’] career and, uh, fighting career, um, is in my hands.  And my hands are, um, as solid around her as possibly–and to make sure the future of her fight career, no matter what, um, is as successful as possible, and tonight we are going to show that,” Ortiz incoherently babbled.

A clearly nervous Ortiz then stumbled through a rehearsed bit in which Santos ended up awkwardly stripping off her clothes and stepping on a scale already set to 160 pounds.

To his credit, Ortiz did manage to affix a poster to the podium displaying Santos’ upcoming MMA fight against Ediane Gomes without difficulty.  When Ortiz began speaking again, however, he continued his flustered speech.

“Women’s MMA will make a next step.  Who will make it happen is Cris Cyborg.  And if anyone’s seen her fight, she is the champion she truly is….and you know what–we do not need a promotion to push her name, cause her name in general, as the champion she is, she [will] continue to dominate the way she has, up to this point.”

Fortunately, Ortiz ended his awkward speech after five minutes.  Santos, with her broken English, soon took over the podium and sounded significantly more coherent that Ortiz.

This event was a huge failure for Ortiz.  His managerial debut, unfortunately, seemed to pick up right where his faltering UFC career left off.

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