Wanderlei Silva deserves to be in UFC Hall of Fame

By Al Stover

There is no question that Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva is one of the most accomplished and beloved fighters of all-time. At tonight’s UFC on Fuel TV event, he faces Brian Stann.

Even if Silva, who has accumulated a 34-12-1 record – with one no-contest – and a plethora of championships, loses in tonight’s main event, then he deserves to have a spot in the UFC Hall of Fame.

While there are fans and critics who believe Silva’s 4-7 record inside of the octagon could keep him from having a spot in the hall, The Axe Murderer has contributed much to the sport. Whether it was leaving fans breathless as he flattened his opponents in the ring with his striking, or being one of the most approachable, respectful and kind men outside of the ring.

Prior to the last UFC on Fuel TV event, which in took place in London; Dana White said Silva will eventually be in the Hall of Fame.

“Yeah, the thing is with a guy like Wanderlei, he was in his prime in Pride, you know what I mean. Yeah he’s going to be a hall of famer, no doubt. Wanderlei is a stud, and the nicest guy in the world.

Although White did not specify that Silva would be a UFC Hall of Famer, there is currently no other official hall of fame for mixed martial arts. At the very least, the UFC might establish a Pride division for fighters whose glory years were spent as stars in the former Japan-based organization.

If Silva is inducted into the UFC’s Hall of Fame, then Japan would be the ideal place for his induction ceremony.

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