Mark Hunt TKOs Stefan Struve

By Jeremy Green
Mark Hunt UFC
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Mark Hunt was a man on a mission tonight when he faced Stefan Struve. Coming into this fight, Hunt was on a three fight winning streak and was looking better than ever. Hunt extended this streak to four, defeating Struve in the third round via TKO.

Immediately after Hunt landed a vicious combination, he did his signature walk off. Herb Dean was hesitant to stop the bout, but he eventually ended the bout in the last round. It was a fantastic finish for Hunt, who now puts his name in the hat to challenge UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez. Who would have ever thought that Hunt could actually challenge for a UFC heavy title in 2013? Not this guy.

Struve will have to go back to the drawing board because he exposed his chin too much in this bout. Despite having a significant reach advantage, he didn’t use it very well. Hunt was able to get on the inside of Struve’s reach, landing some devastating shots that forced him back.

Struve was able to get mount twice in the fight, but was not able to capitalize. Props to Hunt for not getting submitted. It appears that his training at American Top Team is certainly paying off.  Hunt stayed in Struve’s guard on several occasions, which seemed to be to his detriment. However, Struve just seemed gassed by the third round, allowing Hunt to find the fight ending combination.

Congrats to Mark Hunt, who has been on an exceptional run in the UFC’s heavyweight division.

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