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Stefan Struve’s Foolish Submission Attempts Cost Him a Victory

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Stephan Struve suffered a devastating loss to Mark Hunt at UFC on Fuel TV 8.  Not only did this loss end Struve’s four-fight MMA winning streak, “The Skyscraper” left the cage with a broken jaw placing him on the shelf for an extended period of time.

Struve, however, had two golden opportunities to win this fight.

As expected, Hunt came out in the first round swinging for the fences. Struve survived the early exchanges and used his superior grappling ability to position himself in the mount position. Struve began raining down punches on the helpless Hunt, and the fight appeared to be dangerously close to being stopped.

Instead of finishing the fight with punches, Struve made a risky decision to shift to an arm bar attempt. Struve’s submission attempt failed and Hunt escaped to his feet.

In the second round, Struve once again mounted Hunt and was in prime position to end the fight. This time, Hunt was clearly gassed and put up little resistance to Struve’s onslaught. Struve inexplicably gave up his dominant position again to go for another arm bar. Hunt was able to easily escape and dominated the rest of the way.

Struve’s critical mistakes certainly cost him a victory against Hunt.

Hunt acknowledged his struggles on the ground during the post fight press conference. “It was hard to gauge [Struve], especially with a year off [from fighting],” Hunt said.  “Timing and a few other things weren’t right.”

With the victory, Hunt has won four straight fights and has landed himself in the mix of UFC heavyweight title contenders.

“I’d like to fight as soon as possible. Top five or whatever, you know,” Hunt said, referring to his rising stock in the heavyweight division.

Struve’s future, on the other hand, is at a standstill as he faces a lengthy recovery from a broken jaw.