Fallon Fox: Transgender fighter should have come out sooner

By Al Stover
Rafael Suanes – US Presswire

Featherweight fighter Fallon “The Queen of Swords” Fox is making headlines and it is not because of her 39-second knockout over Ericka Newsome in the opening round of the CFA Women’s Featherweight tournament.

Fox, who is 2-0 in her professional career, recently came out to the public that she had gender reassignment surgery in 2006 and has also gone through supplemental hormonal therapy, according to Sports Illustrated. The Queen of Swords, who was never asked to disclose her history in the past, is waiting for her fighter’s license to be approved by the California Athletic State Commission.

Putting the licensing issues aside, I think Fox should have revealed her history before her first fight. At the very least, she should have told her opponents before she stepped into the cage with them.

While some of Fox’s opponents may have dropped out of the fight if they had known about her surgery, there might have been some who would have faced her, regardless of her history.

With her revealing her history this far into her career, there are opponents and critics who can claim her five consecutive first-round finishes can be attributed to testosterone she had prior to her surgery, rather than the to the hard work she has put in the gym for the last five years.

In an interview with Bluegrass MMA, Alyssa Vasquez, who was defeated by Fox back in April 2012, said that while she does not support people bashing Fox, she felt that it was it not fair for Fox to compete “under the guise of a woman.”

Vasquez also said she will be looking to have the fight taken off of her record or deemed a No-Contest.

Although Fox might receive some backlash from coming out, I don’t think this is the end of her career. In support of her, the CFA has canceled their April event.

Some opponents may shake their heads at the idea of fighting The Queen of Swords, but I think a veteran like Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos may jump at the chance to face an up-and-coming star like Fox no matter what.

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