Georges St. Pierre: Chris Weidman is going to finish Anderson Silva

By Jeremy Green
Chris Weidman UFC
Kyle Terada- US Presswire

Anderson Silva is set to face Chris Weidman for the middleweight championship in July. It was a fight that Weidman had been campaigning for and he finally got it. Many UFC fans feel that Weidman presents a stern test for Silva, especially in the wrestling department.

UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre  believes the same, and even went on record saying that Weidman will finish Anderson Silva within several rounds. In a video interview with Sportsnet, GSP described his prediction in full detail:

“My friend Chris Weidman, when I see him in training, I believe he’s going to beat Anderson Silva. I believe it’s a bad matchup for Anderson Silva. It’s very bad. Not only is he going to beat, I believe he’s going to finish Anderson Silva. I believe it’s not going to be too long, that fight.”

Georges is one of the craftiest fighters in the UFC, and maybe there is some truth into what he said. Silva has faced some top wrestlers in Dan Henderson and Chael Sonnen in prior contests, but those fighters were not a threat in terms of the submission game.

Weidman, however, has shown to be dangerous with submissions on the ground, and is one of the best wrestlers in the middleweight division right now. Couple this with the fact that Anderson is 37-years old and has virtually done it all in MMA, and you have the chance to see a monumental upset by the hands of a younger, hungrier Weidman.

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