UFC 158: An Angry Jake Ellenberger Will Walk Through Nate Marquardt

By Kevin Jaress
Matt Ryerson-USA TODAY Sports

Jake Ellenberger has added motivation for his fight against Nate Marquardt on the main card of UFC 158.

Ellenberger was originally scheduled to fight Johny Hendricks in a fight to sort out the logjam of welterweight contenders. Hendricks, however, took an opportunity to move up a slot on the card to replace an injured Rory MacDonald. Hendricks’ decision secured a fight against Carlos Condit and left a perturbed Ellenberger temporarily without an opponent.

Ellenberger makes no secret of his disappointment with Hendricks’ move and vented his frustrations to El Reporte MMA. “He took the backdoor and he would rather not fight me,” Ellenberger said. “[Condit] is a less dangerous fight for him…it offends me that he did that.”

Marquardt, who looked terrible in his last fight against Tarec Saffiedine, now has the unfortunate task of fighting Ellenberger.

Typically, against an opponent like Marquardt, Ellenberger would use his relentless pressure to wear out his opponent on his way to a unanimous decision victory. In this fight, however, look for Ellenberger to take out his frustrations by using his devastating ground attack to finish Marquardt.

“I think the fight will eventually go to the ground with me on top, because that’s when I will choose to take him down to the ground,” Ellenberger predicted. “I don’t see myself leaving without my hand getting raised.”

Ellenberger is already looking past the Marquardt and clearly has his eyes fixed on a future fight with Hendricks.

“I know we are going to meet eventually, at some point. Whether [Hendricks] wins the title or not, I am sure we will still meet.”

After he puts away Marquardt, expect Ellenberger to reiterate his challenge to Hendricks during his post fight interview, which will be a must-see event for MMA fans.

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