UFC Fighter Stephan Bonnar Finally Comes out of Hiding

By Kevin Jaress
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Stephan Bonnar made his first public appearance Monday, five months after testing positive for steroids.

The “American Psycho” went into hiding three weeks after tainting UFC 153 by failing a drug test. Bonnar, who knew he disappointed his fans and UFC President Dana White, did not want to face the public to discuss his misconduct.

In an interview on “The MMA Hour,” Bonnar discussed his recent struggles and made a handful of excuses for violating the UFC’s drug policy.

“It’s been hard to deal with this and forgive myself,” Bonnar said. “The detection for that particular [steroid] is between one and two months. I had exactly three weeks to train and shed 35 pounds.”

Bonner further noted his intention to retire until White offered him the Silva fight on short notice.

“I’d never been out of the gym as long as I had then,” Bonnar said. “It was time to make my tired body feel better again and, yeah, I wanted my [knee] to feel better.”

“Bottom line is I wanted to get my strength back, I was very weak, and my joints didn’t feel good, so that was my goal.”

Bonnar took the opportunity to apologize to White for tarnishing one of the largest MMA events in Brazil’s history.

“I feel like I came into [White’s] house and took a s— on his carpet, Bonnar said. “I’m really sorry.”

When asked whether he has spoken to White since the incident, Bonnar indicated he has not. “It’s still touchy, you know, it’s hard to come out and talk about this and actually get anything positive come from it.”

Bonnar did the right thing by finally addressing his drug use. As time goes by, MMA fans and UFC executives are certain to forgive him.


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