Georges St-Pierre May Be "Boring" at Times, But Still Remains Unbeatable For Now

By Ryan Heckman
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Diaz sure did quite a bit of talking to the ground last night at UFC 158, due to the fact that his face was planted on the floor for a good amount of the fight. Georges St-Pierre brought his classic style to life last night as he absolutely dominated Diaz to retain his belt with ease and class.

Throughout the majority of the first three rounds, St-Pierre took Diaz down with no trouble at all, making it look quite effortless as always. It seemed each time Diaz would attempt to stand back up, St-Pierre had an answer and ensured Diaz stayed on the ground.

As expected, when Diaz had the opportunity — which initially only came after the bell rang to end a round — he opened his mouth and try to get in the head of St-Pierre by taunting him. A couple of times after the bell rang, Diaz even looked as if he was moving towards St-Pierre to say a few extra words and get in an extra punch on an occasion.

As a UFC fan, would you expect anything different out of a Diaz? St-Pierre kept his cool as usual, and after five rounds of controlling the fight, won by a unanimous decision. After the final bell, Diaz finally showed a bit of respect by raising St-Pierre’s hand in the air for a moment and giving him a pat on the back.

If the fight had occurred in a different venue, I have a feeling there may have been some boos after St-Pierre had his hand raised in victory.

What seems to be the norm for a lot of UFC fans is to criticize GSP for being a “boring” fighter. But, the fact of the matter is that what he does is an incredible art form.

He is pound for pound one of the best fighters the UFC has ever seen. St-Pierre looks as if he could have been a bodybuilder in another lifetime. He has legs that look like medium-sized tree trunks, making it possible for him to control his opponents much easier on the ground. His conditioning is out of this world,  making it impossible for fighters to truly tire him out.

It’s a shame that one would rip on  this guy as a fan because all he does is win fights. But, in this society, isn’t that what we love to do in any sport? St-Pierre is not only one of the greatest fighters this world has ever seen, he is also known as a humble champion. What more could you want in a champion? He does everything correctly, and is better than his opponents.

I thoroughly enjoy watching him fight, and do everything I can not to miss any of them. He is a perfect example of what fundamental training does for a fighter, and anybody who trains in MMA who’s being honest with you, deep down, will tell you that they respect the heck out of him for being able to do what he can do — win.

Here’s my point: the next time somebody rips on Georges St-Pierre for being boring, do me a favor and tell them something for me — “then you beat him.”

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