Melvin Guillard Faces Jail Time

By Jeremy Green
Melvin Guillard UFC
Ron Chenoy-US Today Sports

UFC lightweight Melvin Guillard has certainly seen better days as of late. Earlier in the week, Melvin announced that he was leaving his current team the Blackzillians, and was going to head back to Greg Jackson‘s back in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  However, reports started to circulate that Team Jackson would not let Melvin back into the camp, forcing him into a dilemma. Now, it looks like Melvin is facing some criminal charges and may even face some jail time. This news comes from MMA Junkie:

According to Bernalillo County (N.M.) court records, Guillard currently faces five charges: two misdemeanor counts of aggravated battery, to which he pled not guilty. Three misdemeanor counts of failure to appear in court were settled. A jury trial on the assault charges is set for April 10, where he faces six months in jail for each count, in addition to fines and probation.

Well, when it rains it pours. The storm doesn’t seem to end for Melvin, who is an exciting fighter in the UFC’s lightweight division. Hopefully, Melvin can get this situation sorted out, so he can start focusing on fighting again. He has always shown talent in the striking department, but it was his submission defense that always got him into trouble. Working with the Blackzillians didn’t really seem to foster any type of development, which is a shame for such a powerful striker like Melvin.

If he can get with a talented camp like American Top Team, then he has the chance to do exceptionally well if he still wants to compete in MMA.

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