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Nick Diaz’s Camp Filing Complaint For UFC 158 Weigh-Ins

George St. Pierre UFC

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

UFC 158 has long been over for a while now, but it showcased a welterweight title fight between Georges St. Pierre and Nick Diaz.  In the bout, GSP was able to shut down Diaz for five rounds, taking him down on several occasions and landing some good elbows from the top.  Despite losing in dominant fashion, Nick Diaz wanted a rematch.

Weeks later, the Diaz camp has been complaining about an issue that took place at the weigh-ins prior to their title fight.  Apparently, the commission talked to Diaz about a rule change, where they would not take into account the decimal of Georges’s weight.  This is indeed shady behavior from the Quebec commission, but even a decimal wouldn’t have mattered much in the title fight.  

Regardless of the outcome, it looks like Diaz and his camp are trying to run with this in hopes of getting another title shot, since they feel they were at a distinct disadvantage.  Georges’s head trainer, Firas Zahabi, would respond to these allegations, saying, “GSP made weight and he had his shorts on. I was told the decimal didn’t count, so we didn’t worry about it. I don’t see even .9 making a difference in a fight, so I didn’t give it any thought.”

Georges is not at fault for this as he was doing what he was told.  Hopefully, this situation will get cleared up quickly and both fighters can move on.  If Diaz is really insistent on challenging GSP again, he should have to win a couple more fights.