UFC Fighter Chris Weidman: "I'm ready to put my eggs in one basket"

By Jeremy Green
Chris Weidman UFC

Anderson Silva has been a man so dominant over the years, that it seems virtually impossible to beat him. He is undefeated in the UFC, and has beat legends of the sport that include Dan Henderson, Rich Franklin, Yushin Okami, and Chael Sonnen. Despite all of the success that Anderson has found inside the UFC, Chris Weidman believes he has what it takes to dethrone him.

Weidman is so confident, that he isn’t going to renegotiate his contract until he beats Anderson Silva, which takes place in July. Chris spoke to MMA Junkie about his contract negotiations and his fight with Silva.

Chris went on to say, “I think we’re just going to keep the contract. I’m definitely OK with making what I was making. I think I was making $24,000 (to show) and $24,000 (as a win bonus). I want to do that because then after I beat Anderson like I plan on doing, then obviously the contract will jump up more than if I was to rip up the contract now. I’m ready to put all my eggs in one basket and put my money where my mouth is.”

It’s nice to see such a talented fighter believe he can beat any man in the world. In fact, it’s this type of confidence that gives him an edge in the fight. Half of the fighters that Silva faces are already broken before they step into the ring. This doesn’t seem apparent with Weidman, and he actually poses a serious threat to the reign of Silva.

Seeing what Chael did to Silva, it’s hard not to think that Weidman can’t do the same thing. Weidman even has better Jiu Jitsu than Chael, so he should be better off if he gets the fight to the ground.

So is Chris biting off more than he can chew? Or will he dethrone the man who has been considered the greatest fighter to ever compete in mixed martial arts? Stay tuned!

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