Darren Elkins Has The Chance To Shine Against Chad Mendes

By Jeremy Green
Darren Elkins UFC

UFC‘s featherweight division has long been reigned by Jose Aldo.  He has seemingly cleared out the entire division, which might coerce him to move up to lightweight if he is able to defeat Anthony Pettis.  However, there have been some fighters who have risen to the top of the division, and might pose some a serious threat to the reign of Aldo.

Chiefly among them is Darren Elkins.  Since dropping down to the featherweight division, he has amassed a record of 5-0.  Now, many times a streak like this warrants a title shot, but the UFC has not given Elkins the bout.  However, if he is able to defeat Chad Mendes at UFC on Fox 7, the UFC would be hard pressed not to give him a championship bout.

In Elkins’ UFC tenure, he has beaten some quality fighters that include Diego Brandao, Steven Siler, and most recently Antonio Carvalho.  In his bout with Carvalho, Elkins was able to show that his hands are developing quite nicely and was able to get the TKO inside the first round.

It’s this type of development that makes him a serious threat to any fighter he faces because his wrestling has always been excellent.  Elkins is a fighter that likes to push forward and utilize his cardio to wear down his opponents.  Now that he is getting finishes, featherweights better watch out.

A win over Mendes would be Elkins’ biggest win to date and would certainly put his name in the mix to challenge for the title.  It’s a short notice fight that finally gives Elkins a chance to shine in a big way.


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