Chris Weidman Out To Make Fight With Anderson Silva 'Look Easy'

By Jeremy Green
Chris Weidman UFC

Anderson Silva is, by far, the greatest fighter to ever step foot inside a cage.  The way he dominates elite-level fighters is downright impressive, and fighters are often broke mentally before they even step into the cage with him. To date, no man has ever been able to solve the Silva puzzle inside the UFC, but Chris Weidman feels he will be the man to do it.

Not only that, he believes he will make beating Silva look easy. In a recent interview with MMA Mania, Weidman shared his thoughts on his upcoming championship bout:

“One of the biggest for me is to prove all of those people that actually think I’m going to get killed and see him as unbeatable. I can’t wait to prove them wrong. I want to make it look easy out there. I want to shock the world.”

This is a bold claim from the UFC middleweight title contender, as Silva makes every fighter he faces seem out of his league by miles. Maybe Weidman believes self-confidence will bode well for him going into the fight, and he certainly has the skills to warrant a title shot.

At a glance, this fight will be tricky for Silva because Weidman is possibly one of the best wrestlers that couples jiu jitsu in the division. Also, his reach is comparable to Silva’s and Weidman’s striking is improving with each fight. Just look at his latest win over Mark Munoz.  In the bout, Weidman was able to land a devastating elbow, forcing Munoz out and to the canvas.

Now Weidman has the chance to do what no UFC fighter has done, and it looks like he is not short on confidence. So is Weidman believing his own hype or does he pose a serious threat to the reign of “The Spider“?  Stay tuned!

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