UFC 159: Jones vs. Sonnen Disappoints, Leads to Gruesome Toe Injury

By Andrew Fisher
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

**Warning – graphic image below.**

The stage was set at UFC 159, as Chael Sonnen was finally going to get his fight with Jon ‘Bones’ Jones. The bout would determine the light-heavyweight championship, with both men weighing in at 205 lbs. Sonnen was a fairly big underdog, at 5/1.

There was a lot of buzz surrounding this fight, mainly because of Sonnen’s mouth. He’s without question the best talker in all the UFC, and eventually he pissed off Jon Jones. After initially declining to fight Sonnen on short notice several months back, Jones finally agreed after getting more time to prepare.

The fight itself did not go as many projected. Jones controlled most of the first round, but he did it by beating Sonnen at his own game, on the ground. The challenger was able to avoid the champion’s deadly elbows for awhile, but the fight was stopped at 3:33 in the first round, after Sonnen got trapped against the cage. His face and nose were pretty badly bloodied, but he immediately protested the referee’s decision to stop the fight.

Sonnen could have continued for awhile longer, and he was far from defenseless, so I didn’t like the decision to call it. Sonnen was about five or six more elbows away from defeat, and as it turns out, he could have won if he had survived the round. During the battle, Jones broke his left big toe. As you’ll see, there’s no way he would have been allowed to continue, with the condition of his toe.

Overall, it was a disappointing fight. Unless you’re a big fan of Jones, it was disappointing to see it stopped in round one. You hate to see title fights end that quickly, but it was just one of those bouts. Sonnen will likely never get a rematch, and Jones is clearly still the best in the division, by far.

Even though the fight was short, everyone will still be talking about the UFC 159 main event, and Jones’ gruesome toe injury.

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