Vitor Belfort Responds To Luke Rockhold's TRT Statements

By Jeremy Green
Vitor Belfort UFC
Tom Szczerbowski – USA Today Sports

UFC middleweight contender Vitor Belfort has always been in the mix in his division.  Despite losing to Anderson Silva in devastating fashion, he has the chance to grab another title shot if he’s victorious against Luke Rockhold.

Leading up to their pivotal contender bout, Rockhold has made some claims about Belfort taking steroids and also not being a true man.  Belfort would respond with the following in an interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour:

“My conversation with him will be inside the cage.  I don’t have to talk. We’re going to fight, and that’s what it’s about. I don’t need to prove anything to anyone. I did a lot of things for the sport, and I’m still doing. Facing these young guys, and I bring the heat, man. He’ll come to a jungle. He’ll face a lion.”

Obviously, what Rockhold said struck a nerve for Belfort.  He has never taken too kindly to trash talk, which was clearly evident when he faced the always controversial Michael Bisping.  Leading up to the bout, Bisping talked a lot of trash, and Belfort certainly made him pay with a devastating head kick that sent Bisping to the canvas.  If history is anything to go off of, it’s never a good idea to upset Belfort, as he can knock any man out with one punch.

Rockhold is certainly confident in his skills, which is certainly a good thing because every fighter should be confident in their abilities.  However, he may have stepped over the line, and Belfort will be looking to do all of his talk inside the cage.

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