UFC News: Bruce Buffer Details Altercation With Frank Trigg

By Jeremy Green
Bruce Buffer UFC
Joe Camporeale-USA Today Sports

The UFC has always been one of the most exciting sports in the world.  With all of the action inside the cage, apparently there is just as much action outside of it.  Just ask Bruce Buffer, who is the UFC ring announcer and famous for his Buffer-180, Buffer-360, and his “it’s time” signature announcement.

On the UFC Tonight show, Buffer detailed his physical altercation with Frank Trigg, which is covered more in depth in his latest book.

“I looked at Frank, and I said, ‘You hit me! Why the F did you hit me?’ And he said the wrong thing to me. He said, ‘What are you going to do about it?’ And I just reacted since my old street kicked in. I punched him twice in the stomach, basically with the same power with the old rules of sparring, 60 percent equals 60 percent. But it picked up. We had a lot of fun for 10 floors.”

One has to wonder who got the best of who in the elevator, but it’s interesting that the fight took place in the first place.  Bruce, always the gentleman, was minding his own business when Trigg got physical.  Buffer didn’t suffer any injuries in the scuffle, and it appears that the dust has settled between these two.  Still, this event is quite intriguing and it just goes to show you that things are just as captivating outside the cage.

Trigg has always been a controversial fighter, which was on full display when he got too close to Matt Hughes when they stared off for their championship bout.  Hughes would push him away, and he would eventually submit Trigg with a rear-naked-choke in the fight.  Since then, Trigg has been very successful as an MMA commentator, and hopefully he still maintains a good relationship with Buffer.

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