WSOF 3 Results: Josh Burkman Submits Jon Fitch

By Jeremy Green
Jon Fitch UFC
Gary A. Vasquez-USA Today Sports

World Series Of Fighting 3 featured a compelling welterweight bout between Jon Fitch and Josh Burkman. Coming into this fight, Fitch already had a victory over Burkman, where he was able to submit him back in 2006.

Just under a minute in the first round, Burkman was able to land straights, wobbling Fitch, who tried to shoot for a takedown. But Burkman as able to lock on a guillotine, Fitch didn’t defend it correctly, and he was out within a few seconds. Burkman let the choke go as he knew Fitch was unconscious, which is commendable on his part.

Burkman has now won five straight over some durable fighters in Fitch and Aaron Simpson. It’s remarkable to see Burkman putting everything together, and it will be interesting to see where he goes from here. Maybe a transition back into the UFC is the most logical move for him, as he has now put two former UFC fighters and in devastating fashion.

This is a demoralizing loss for Fitch, as he has never been submitted prior to this fight. Fitch has always prided himself on his submission defense, but he certainly had a mental lapse against Burkman. He should have defended the choke once it was applied, but instead tried get Burkman to the mat, allowing him to secure the guillotine tightly.

He has now lost three out of his last four fights, and will need to come back stronger than ever if he wants to continue fighting at the highest level.

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