UFC's Michael Bisping Fights Rumors About Getting Knocked Out While Sparring

By Joshua Molina
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

UFC‘s Michael Bisping, who will fight Mark Munoz on Oct. 26 in Manchester, England, is a bad boy inside the cage, but he is also what you call a choke artist — and he has a big mouth.

Bisping has lost every big fight he has been in. Against Chael Sonnen (okay, he might have been robbed) Wanderlei Silva, Dan Henderson, Rashad Evans and Vitor Belfort, Bisping has failed to get into the end zone.

The losses on the way up were understandable and anyone who gets hammered by a Henderson right hand goes to sleep (unless you are Jake Shields and you wake up when you hit the floor), but his KO loss to an aging Belfort was a classic choke-under-pressure moment.

Still, Bisping is hanging on the fringe of relevancy. He’s one big win from a title shot (unless, of course, he gets injured and UFC President Dana White casts him into purgatory) and a victory over the tough Munoz would do wonders to reignite his career.

So he doesn’t like it when it hits the internet that he may have been knocked out while sparring.

According to multiple media reports, Bisping was “greenlit” in sparring by a professional boxer at Freddie Roach‘s Wild Boxing Card Club. “Greenlit” is a term used to describe orders to go hard on someone in sparring who may have a big mouth. Bisping has denied the report via Twitter.

He said  he’s never been knocked out in sparring and that he’s recovering from an eye injury and isn’t even sparring with anyone anyway.

Who knows who is right, but there’s not a lot of love out there for Bisping. Last year, he said that he was the “unofficial Strikeforce champion” after sparring with Luke Rockhold. Rockhold came unglued, denying that Bisping got the better of him.

On Oct. 26, Bisping will be able to show the world that he can back up what he says inside the cage. If he can beat Munoz, he can thrust himself back into the No. 1 contender conversation.

And when it comes to Bisping in big moments, that is a big “if.”

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