Chael Sonnen: Anderson Silva Is Not Going To Beat Chris Weidman

By Jeremy Green
Chael Sonnen UFC
Joe Camporeale-USA Today Sports

Fresh off his UFC 162 victory over Anderson Silva, Chris Weidman is getting praise by a lot of people. July 17 was even named Chris Weidman day in celebration of him earning the middleweight title.

Chael Sonnen, who squared of with Silva twice, almost defeating him the first time, had nothing but positive things to say about the newly crowned champ. In an interview with Boston radio, Sonnen shared his thoughts on Silva’s tactics and how he feels the rematch will go:

“Well, here’s what you’ve got to understand, he got knocked out cold. It’s not like a Mike Tyson fight where you get hit, you stay down until the ref counts to 10, and then get right back up. Silva had two choices in that fight: He’d have fought serious and got beaten up, or he’d clown around and get beaten up.”

In the first round, Silva was getting beat on the ground by Weidman, who was also able to threaten with several submissions. It was in the second round that Weidman was able to execute a brilliant combination, which ultimately won him the fight. Chael was one of the first fighters to see greatness in Weidman, especially after his beat-down of Mark Munoz earlier last year.

Sonnen would then share his thoughts about Silva’s chances at regaining the belt:

“He’s a top-10 fighter — actually he’s ranked No. 2 — but he’s not going to beat a 28-year-old All-American wrestler named Chris Weidman. That’s not going to happen.”

It will be interesting to see how Silva fairs in the rematch, especially if he leaves the showboating at home. Both fighters will more than likely be better the second time around, and it’s intriguing to see if Chael’s predictions come true. So who will come out the victor when Silva and Weidman square off for the second time? Stay tuned!

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