Reunion of Former UFC Fighters Might Heal Wounds, Save Ken Shamrock's Legacy

By Joshua Molina

Former UFC fighters Ken and Frank Shamrock are back together after years of bad blood, snide comments and arguments over whose biceps are bigger.

But money heals all wounds. The two gladiators, according to Frank, are in a better place and talking again, thanks to an undisclosed  business opportunity that has come up.

Frank and Ken are a bit like Kane and the Undertaker — only the Shamrocks’ feud has lasted longer largely because there was no need to make up in time for WrestleMania. While they have never set each other on fire, abducted each other’s manager, or buried the other in an air-tight casket like Kane and the ‘Taker have (multiple times), the Shamrock brothers have hated on one another in interviews and privately for much of the last 10 years.

Frank Shamrock was one  of the original UFC pioneers. The former UFC light heavyweight champion famously TKO’d Tito Ortiz back when Ortiz could move laterally and waged epic wars with another icon, Bas Rutten. Frank had a falling out with the UFC and left before the company ripped off the WWE’s Pay-Per-View business model, and became “the fastest-growing sport in the world.” Frank went on to fight in the WEC and Strikeforce, where he closed out his career slapping around Cesar and Renzo Gracie inside the cage, and insulting anyone who earned a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt under them as a stellar Showtime analyst of Strikeforce events.

Ken on the other hand became an international superstar in the UFC, fighting classic battles against  Royce Gracie and Ortiz, en route to being labeled “The World’s Most Dangerous Man.” His star grew more when he signed with the World Wrestling Federation, where Vince McMahon regularly jobbed the UFC fighter out to mid-carders like “Mr. Hughes” to prove that WWF was better than “ultimate fighting.”

Shamrock was never same athlete after competing in the then-WWF, which despite its purported fakeness, is brutal on the body.

The two brothers grew apart although it was never clear why. Like Kane and the Undertaker, they actually weren’t “real brothers,” in the blood sense. They were adopted by Bob Shamrock, who ran a home for young troubled youth. Both Shamrock brothers were estranged from their parents and grew up on the streets before the elder Shamrock took them under his wing.

Frank now works for Bellator, as a coach on Fight Master: Bellator MMA. Ken, a UFC Hall of Famer, is still hanging around, entertaining the possibility of fighting again. It may be possible that Ken will work out a deal with Bellator and serve as an MMA ambassador for the company.

Ken’s star fell fast in the last few years. He kept fighting even though he was no longer competitive and his name doesn’t carry the same cache as other UFC icons such as Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell.

Frank, a great family man now, has always been a good businessman and maybe he and his brother can work together again and make peace and some pennies.

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