Talk of Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman Fight-Fixing Needs to Stop

By Andy Toth
anderson silva
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Rumors are still swirling that the fight between Anderson “The Spider” Silva and Chris Weidman at UFC 162 was fixed. The trend in this country seems to be that whenever something crazy happens, it must be associated with some elaborate conspiracy theory. People cannot accept plain truths anymore; everything must be questioned. Let me answer the question for you all: the fight was not fixed.

Recall in the first round of their fight, Weidman quickly took Silva to the ground and attempted a heel-hook. First of all, if Silva was going to go down on purpose, then why not tap to the heel hook in the first round? Tapping to a submission that Silva has lost to before, against a guy that many thought could conceivably succeed in this area, would have been sensible and would have alleviated any accusations of fight fixing. As a corollary, the idea that Silva purposely let Weidman knock him out cold and receive a few big shots on the ground afterward is absurd.

Secondly, a lot of people actually expected Weidman to be a very tough matchup for The Spider. Many well-known fighters even anticipated that Weidman would beat Silva; Georges St-PierreKenny Florian and the always-outspoken Chael Sonnen all gave official predictions that Weidman was going to be the new champion.

Most importantly, the betting odds on Silva were the lowest they have been in a long time. If a fight is going to be fixed, then fix it at a time when the odds makers make Silva a huge favorite, not just two to one!

The Spider has had an aura of invincibility surrounding his career. Much like Silva’s feelings after the fight were foreign to him, people seeing him lose – especially in that fashion – were in shock and disbelief. Not only did fans see the best fighter of all time lose, they saw him KO’d in spectacular fashion, which is something that no one could really predict. This KO may have been one of the most shocking things ever witnessed in the UFC.

People need to move on and accept the truth; Silva played the game he always plays. The difference was that his challenger actually went after him on the feet and lacked the fear to throw a combination. In a sport where anything can happen, fans need to appreciate the unexpected and look forward to their rematch at UFC 168.

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