The One Thing You Should Know About UFC Fighter Nick Diaz

By Joshua Molina
Eric Bolte – USA TODAY Sports

UFC welterweight Nick Diaz threw up a symbolic double middle finger when he no-showed another media appearance, this time in his home-town of Stockton, Calif. What a surprise.

MMA’s version of Justin Bieber and Kanye West just doesn’t care and neither should you.

If there are still people out there who get outraged over Diaz’ media behavior, that’s their problem. People should know by now that Diaz is a first-rate punk. If they are still counting on Diaz to come through, to be concerned about their feelings or to show responsible behavior toward the media, then they deserve to be fooled.

Diaz no-showed an appearance on The Voice Versus show on AXS TV, hosted to by Michael Schiavello. The crew flew to Stockton and Diaz was nowhere to be found.

Diaz is a fighter; he’s not a celebrity. Diaz once got into a fight with Joe Riggs at a hospital after a fight. He took part in the infamous “Nashville Brawl,” when he joined buddies Jake Shields and Gilbert Melendez in a post-fight slugfest with Jason “Mayhem” Miller, live on CBS. The fight destroyed Strikeforce’s relationship with CBS. Diaz no-showed media appearances the first time he was supposed to fight Georges St-Pierre for the UFC welterweight championship. If fighting St-Pierre doesn’t motivate you, nothing will.

Diaz is just one of those guys. Don’t try to figure him out. He’s full of contradictions. He’s anti-social. He’s not polished or professional. He’s not well-spoken or articulate. People who follow MMA know this. That’s just how he his. Diaz can’t even get his mess together inside the cage half of the time.

Diaz is great when he’s fighting a one-dimensional fighter like Paul Daley. Throw him in there with someone who has a varied offense or defense and Diaz complains that the fighter won’t “fight” him.

Give Diaz a break. He is who he is. He’s a good mixed martial artist, but he’s not going to come to your party. Stop inviting him. He won’t care, one way or the other.

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