Top 10 Moments From UFC on Fox 8

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Top 10 Moments From UFC on Fox 8

Herman Versus Smith
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UFC on Fox 8 featured a full slate of competitive bouts, but it just so happened that the most exciting one happened in the preliminaries. Ed Herman won his fight with Trevor Smith by split decision after an epic back-and-forth battle that had both men rocked at different points. Their spirited combat earned them both an extra $50,000 by way of the fight of the night bonus. UFC President Dana White admitted at the post-fight press conference that he didn't even know who Smith was before Saturday night. He used Smith as example to explain why it is so important to put on a show in the UFC — because every competitor on every card has a chance to earn a fat bonus for putting everything on the line like Herman and Smith did.

The preliminaries also gave fans the fight that earned the knockout of the night bonus. Melvin Guillard, who is one of the most experienced fighters in the UFC, dispatched Mac Danzig at the 2:47 mark of round two. Guillard showed superior boxing and the better strategy throughout the fight and finally connected with a short left that staggered Danzig and dropped him to the canvas. Guillard pounced and separated Danzig from consciousness with some serious ground and pound.

The main event fight between Demetrious Johnson and John Moraga didn't really dazzle fans, but it ended with the submission of the night. Johnson locked up an arm bar on Moraga at 3:43 of round five, which set a record for the latest stoppage in UFC history.

Even though every fight didn't have the crowd on their feet cheering every moment of action, the following are the 10 best moments from the card.

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10. MacDonald Fights A Cautious Battle With Ellenberger

MacDonald misses kick
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Rory MacDonald and Jake Ellenberger didn't do much at all to keep fans glued to their televisions during their three-round skirmish. It was probably the least entertaining bout on the card, but only because MacDonald used a masterful jab and kept his distance from Ellenberger with head kick attempts like this one. Had he connected here, he might have been the one to walk away with the knockout of the night bonus.

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9. Chiesa Outclassed by Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal vs. Michael Chiesa
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Michael Chiesa just couldn't contend with the superior experience and talent of Jorge Masvidal on Saturday night. The TUF champion ran into an opponent who had more tools in the toolbox than he did, and this one started off as a mismatch on paper. Chiesa really would have had to come up with a miracle to pull off the upset in this bout, and he should bounce back strong after learning what he can from this difficult submission loss.

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8. Cruickshank Edges Out Victory Over Edwards

Daron Cruickshank vs. Yves Edwards
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Daron Cruickshank started throwing hard kicks early, but Yves Edwards kept their preliminary bout almost too close to call with excellent defense. Cruickshank won a narrow split decision, but fans were booing the lack of action when the final bell sounded. If either fighter wants to impress the UFC brass, it will take much more intensity than this.

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7. Liz Carmouche Punishes Jessica Andrade

Carmouche vs. Andrade
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Liz Carmouche smiles broadly as she drops down a hail of punches on the head of Jessica Andrade. She's clearly fighting to earn another shot at UFC Women's Champion Ronda Rousey, and she'll definitely get another crack at the belt if she keeps dominating like she did on Saturday night.

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6. Demetrious Johnson Dominates John Moraga

Johnson takes Moraga Down
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Johnson's superior wrestling helped him keep control of Moraga through most of the fight. He took Moraga down at will, frustrating the challenger at every turn.

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5. Johnson Continues to Adapt and Conquer

Johnson Lands a kick
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Johnson displayed a wide array of talents against Moraga Saturday night, proving he is only getting better and learning how to execute a complete game plan to keep winning against the toughest opponents in the division.

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4. Ed Herman Goes Toe to Toe With Trevor Smith

Smith vs. Herman
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Ed Herman earned a narrow split decision win in his war with Trevor Smith. Both fighters came at each other full bore and never seemed to take a single step back to avoid the action that made them both $50,000 richer at the end of the night.

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3. Guillard Tenderizes Danzig

Guillard vs. Danzig
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Guillard secured the knockout over Danzig with some well-placed hammer fists after knocking Danzig down with a stiff left hand

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2. Lawler Finishes Voelker

Ground and Pound
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Lawler smothered Voelker with expert ground-and-pound strikes after landing a picture-perfect head kick in the second round of their bout. The referee pulled Lawler off just 24 seconds into the frame to give him the TKO.

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1. Robbie Lawler Bulldozes Bobby Voelker

Voelker vs. Lawler
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Robbie Lawler must have factored in the knockout of the night bonus discussion due to his complete dismantling of Bobby Voelker. He didn't get the extra money, but nobody would have argued he didn't deserve it. Lawler dropped Voelker with this phenomenal head kick early in the second round.