Vitor Belfort Vs. Rashad Evans Possible, Could Determine Next Middleweight Title Challenger

By Jeremy Green
Vitor Belfort UFC
Jason da Silva-USA Today Sports

The UFC middleweight division has never been more exciting. With Anderson Silva looking to reclaim his belt from Chris Weidman, many middleweights have been campaigning for the next shot at the belt. Among those fighters, Vitor Belfort may be the most qualified for the next title shot. He has beat Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold back to back.

Both wins ended in devastating fashion with kicks, and he looks to be putting everything together. Since he can’t fight for the belt just yet, as Silva will challenge Weidman in the rematch, who does that leave for him to face? It looked like it was going to be Tim Kennedy, but Belfort declined that bout. Then, Chael Sonnen threw his name in the mix, but Dana White said he would rather Belfort face Rashad Evans.

An Evans bout makes the most sense, as both don’t have any opponents lined up, and they are very exciting when they are on their A game. Only one hitch could prevent the fight from happening. They both train under the Blackzillians camp. Fighters have always taken the stance of not fighting each other if they train together, especially if it’s not for a title shot. However, the winner of this bout very well could be next in line for the middleweight title, and UFC president, White,  has always said, money talks.

If Belfort and Evans do the possible square off, it would be an entertaining and striking battle, as they both can end the fight with one punch. Also, their grappling games have improved greatly over the years, so fans would be in for an excellent bout if the fight hits the mat as well. Whoever is next in line for the middleweight title, it’s nice to see some life pumped back into the division, as it has been stagnate for many years now.

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