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UFC: 5 Reasons Daniel Cormier Will Beat Jon Jones

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5 Reasons Daniel Cormier Will Crush Jon Jones

Daniel Cormier
Bruce Fedyck - USA TODAY Sports

Daniel Cormier has been flapping his gums for a fight with Jon Jones for nearly a year. Even though he has never fought at light heavyweight, Cormier believes he can beat the phenomenal UFC light heavyweight champion. He's probably right. Cormier is undefeated in 12 professional MMA fights. The former Olympic wrestler hasn't faced any serious trouble inside the cage and has overwhelmed all of his opponents, including Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva, Frank Mir and Josh Barnett.

Even though Cormier is typically soft-spoken, in this case he has no choice but to pick a fight. Cormier fights in the heavyweight division, but he won't fight his friend and fellow American Kickboxing Academy fighter Cain Velasquez, the UFC heavyweight champion. So unless Cormier wants to spend a career as the heavyweight division's No. 2 man, he's going to have to get creative.

In many ways, Cormier and Jones are opposites. Cormier is thoughtful, friendly and humble. Jones is smug, over-confident and likes to keep to himself. Jones is a tall, natural athlete who oozes physical prowess. Cormier is a thick, average-sized guy, who won't be appearing in ESPN's The Body Issue anytime soon. Jones walks around like he is God's gift to MMA, and Cormier acts like a guy happy and appreciative to be a fighter.

These two guys have talked so much trash about each other that it seems inevitable that they will lock horns some day, whether it's for the title or not. Assuming Jones continues his wicked ways of destruction, expect Cormier to be the guy to finally shut Jones down.

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5: Jon Jones Nearly Lost To Vitor Belfort

Jon Jones
Tom Szczerbowski - USA TODAY Sports

Let's get real. Vitor Belfort was seconds away from tapping out Jones last October. Sure, Jones held on, avoided the tap and broke the hold. But it was a scary there for a second. Belfort, who is well past his prime, exposed a weakness in Jones and gave hope to other fighters who might one day step into the cage with the youngest UFC champion in history. Jones is not unbeatable, nor is he as dominant as some of his fanboys believe.

If a guy like Belfort can nearly upset the champ, there's no doubt that Cormier can do some serious damage. Cormier is younger, more skilled and won't miss an opportunity to finish Jones should he be lucky enough to get in the cage with Jones.

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4: Jon Jones Is Smug, Self-Righteous And Arrogant

Jon Jones
Brad Penner

Who doesn't want to see Jones lose? It's great to see a confident athlete act like he's at the top of his game. But Jones takes confidence to a new level. He almost seems bothered to be in the same room with his opponents. He consistently refuses to promote his fights in any kind of serious way. Maybe if Jones was named Tom Brady and playing quarterback for the New England Patriots he could act like he was out of everyone else's league. But this is fighting and anything can happen when two men step inside the cage. Unless Jones drops his attitude, he's going to be in a world of hurt when he eventually steps into the cage with someone who is not afraid of him. A man who believes he is indestructible is a man who everyone wants to see get destroyed. Jones is a great fighter, but we won't really know how good he can be until he bounces back from a loss.

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3: Daniel Cormier Has Great Defensive Skills

Daniel Cormier
Mark D. Smith - USA TODAY Sports

Cormier is skilled at keeping the distance from his opponents, yet knows how to stay close enough to land some right hands. As a fromer wrestler, he's not going to walk into Jones' power and strength. Cormier comes at his opponents from angles and knows how to slip punches and kicks. In 12 professional fights, Cormier has never faced any kind of serious trouble inside the cage. Unlike Jones, Cormier never takes unnecessary chances. He's smart and thoughtful and would force Jones to vary his offense in a way he's never been forced to in the past. Everything has always come easy for Jones, but against Cormier that would change. What will Jones do when he can't hit Cormier? Will he know how to change his style to win? It won't be easy. Cormier knows he's not perfect, so fights hard and smart through the whole fight.

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2: Daniel Cormier Is A Superior Wrestler

Daniel Cormier
Kyle Terada - USA TODAY Sports

Good luck taking Cormier down. Jones won't be able to dominate Cormier on the ground like he has with every other opponent. Cormier is a former Division I All-American wrestler and Olympic wrestler. Jones can't touch him. Jones has always been able to take his opponents down and then work the ground and pound. If he can't take Cormier down, he will have to stand with him, and that would take make Jones have to stray from his game plan. Cormier hits hard and Jones will probably be backing for the first time in his career. Cormier is 5' 10", and thick around the middle. Jones will have to work hard for a takedown and lose a lot of strength in the process. If the fight goes to the ground, Cormier will take advantage of Jones' long limbs and stick to him and then twist him into a submission hold.

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1: Daniel Cormier Is A Beast On Top

Daniel Cormier
Mark D. Smith - USA TODAY Sports

Jones made some headlines recently when he poked fun at Cormier's body. That body, however, is going to be a nightmare for Jones should Cormier ever get on top of him. Cormier has a vicious ground and pound and is built for massive destruction when on top. He has thick legs and arms and packs dynamo in his strikes. If Cormier is on top, Jones' lanky 6' 4" body, trying to fight up from the bottom, will become a liability.

No one has ever pushed Jones around in the cage and Cormier may be the perfect guy to shove him down, get on top of him, and give him the beating that he so desperately deserves. In fights between equally talented fighters, good wrestlers typically win. Jones has developed mastery inside the cage, but he's never fought such a skilled wrestler who's clearly not afraid of him and who will enjoy getting on top of him and taking him for a ride.