5 Fighters Ronda Rousey Needs To Defeat Before She Can Declare Herself Best in The World

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Five Reasons Ronda Rousey Can't Call Herself The Greatest Fighter In The World

Ronda Rousey
Gary A. Vasquez -- USA TODAY Sports

Ronda Rousey has totally wrecked the MMA world with her wicked armbar. She is responsible for the first UFC women's division, she's undefeated, and she's going to Hollywood. Rousey is one of those few iconic individuals who takes their field and pop culture by storm. It's too soon to know if she will be the Michael Jackson of MMA or just Prince, but she's already a groundbreaker nonetheless.

Rousey turned heads recently by declaring herself the best fighter in the world. Stop the laughter. She was serious. Pound-for-pound, she's far from the best fighter in the world. Benson Henderson, Jon Jones, Cain Velasquez, Georges St-Pierre are all better. She has a better argument among the women, but she's not the undisputed best. The women's division is so new and there are so many unknown talents out there that Rousey shouldn't go around spouting hyperbole. She hasn't shown a wide enough range of skills or fought enough times to call herself the best fighter in the world yet. Yes, she steamrolls her opponents. No one has made it out of the first round with her. She's beautiful, blond and sassy. She's without a doubt the biggest and best thing to hit MMA since Brock Lesnar and the debut of "The Ultimate Fighter." She can't, however, call herself the best until she beats a few more opponents, and beats a couple others that she already thrashed a little more convincingly.

Rousey could one day be the best fighter in the world. But she's not there yet. Click ahead to learn why:

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5. Sara McMann Can Probably Thump Her On The Ground

Sara McMann
Brad Penner - USA TODAY Sports

Sara McMann is the first American woman to earn a silver medal in the Olympics. She's legit. She has a decorated wrestling background and something else that Ronda Rousey really needs to fear: an Olympian's work ethic. Rousey, of course, earned an Olympic bronze medal in Judo. She knows Olympic-level competition. These two would wage a fight of epic proportions and if the fight goes to the ground, look for McMann to take Rousey into parts unknown. McMann needs to improve her striking, but slapping an arm bar on McMann won't be easy because Rousey won't be able to hang with McMann's mat skills.

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4. Liz Carmouche Nearly Cranked Her Neck Into Next Week

Liz Carmouche
Jayne Kamin-Oncea -- USA Today Sports

Liz Carmouche nearly ruined the UFC's plans with a single neck crank. The same way Vitor Belfort nearly tapped out Jon Jones, Carmouche almost forced Rousey to tap out. She was that close. Rousey is very good, but she's been in trouble in two of her seven fights. If you are a Rousey fan, that was a scary moment. So Rousey is vulnerable. She's not perfect. A neck crank applied with slightly better technique would have forced Rousey to tap. Carmouche deserves a rematch, and Rousey needs to show the world that she can easily whip a fighter like Carmouche, who has lost every big fight she has been in.

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3. Miesha Tate Broke Ronda Rousey's First Arm Bar Submission Attempt

Miesha Tate
Gary A. Vasquez -- USA TODAY Sports

It sucks to be Miesha Tate. She's good. Really good. But not good enough. She's got great stand-up, good wrestling and strong submission skills on the ground. She's tough and athletic and smart inside the cage. Still, it wasn't good enough against Ronda Rousey. Tate is Cyndi Lauper and Rousey is Madonna. In the first fight, Tate broke out of Rousey's first submission attempt, but like a fly who nearly wiggles out of a web, Rousey trapped her one more time and tapped her out. Even though everyone is high on Rousey and thinks she's the best thing since Muhammad Ali, Tate nearly got out of the first round. And then who knows what would have happened. Like Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl, victory was within reach. Tate knows she can do better against Rousey. Rousey needs to convincingly stop Tate to silence the fluke chatter.

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2. Cat Zingano Whipped Miesha Tate Worse Than Ronda Rousey Did

Can Zingano
Gary A. Vasquez -- USA TODAY Sports

In a bit of divine intervention for the UFC, Cat Zingano got injured, paving the way for Miesha Tate to coach The Ultimate Fighter. Tate comes across as more charismatic on television, and with the Tate-Rousey backstory, the injury turned into a blessing. But Zingano is still the No. 1 contender. She deserves a shot at Rousey. Zingano displayed tremendous courage and will in overcoming Tate to win the title shot (and no, it's not Kim Winslow's fault Tate's face got all busted up). Zingano beat the snot out of Tate and deserves a shot at Rousey. Zingano showed resilience in her fight with Tate and would bring the fight to Rousey. Until Rousey beats Zingano, she can't be the best fighter in the world.

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1. Cris Cyborg Is A Wrecking Machine

Cris Cyborg
Cris Cyborg -- Official Facebook Page

Call her a jacked-up freak on steroids. So what if she has more muscles than Roy Nelson. Cris Cyborg is ridiculous inside the cage. She's the real "female Mike Tyson." With a thirst for blood and the competitive spirit of Tonya Harding, Cyborg is a chick who you don't want standing in front of you. She's strong, fast and angry. If she ever stepped into the cage with Rousey, it would be a race to who could get their finishing move in first. If Rousey can take Cyborg down and slap on the armbar, Rousey wins. But if Cyborg can keep Rousey away with a flurry of punches and land a few shots to the face, Cyborg will prevail. The road to becoming the best female fighter in the world ends with Cyborg, even if Cyborg is 10 pounds heavier. Rousey needs to jump up in weight if she wants to be the undisputed No. 1.