6 MMA Fighters And Their Boxing Equivalents

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Boxer Counterparts of MMA Fighters

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Who knew two separate sports could create such heated debate? I do not see fans arguing over cricket and baseball, or rugby and American football, but when it comes to MMA and boxing, fans will argue for hours.

I grew up always interested in boxing, but never really indulged myself into the sport until my first year at university, which is around the same time I started watching MMA. It doesn’t take a genius to notice the difference in the sports, but for some reason these differences are constantly battled over by fans.

Now, I would love to see box ‘purists’ take a jiu-jitsu lesson and try to insult someone while their limbs are being hyperextended in an armbar. On the other hand, MMA fans that think a UFC champion could beat a boxing champion in the squared circle are just as deluded. Even Junior Dos Santos called out the Klitchko brothers before being violently battered by the wrestling-centered Cain Velasquez.

Tyson Fury recently called out the very same Velasquez, and while I am a Fury fan, perhaps he should focus on fighting the best at his own sport instead of trying to fight the most complete heavyweight champion the UFC has seen.

This article compares certain MMA fighters with boxers, and finds a variety of similarities between them. These similarities may be anything ranging from fighting style to personality, but this is always an article I have wanted to do.

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6. Jose Aldo and Yuriorkis Gamboa

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Yuriorkis and Jose are two more examples of young talented champions seemingly destined for greatness. Yuriorkis is a rising star from Cuba who has incredible speed and power. His last two fights were a little lackluster, but perhaps we can put this to ring rust. Jose Aldo has also had a few off performances, in comparison to his normal incredible standards.

Both of these fighters have underrated defense largely due to the fact they can sometimes get hurt. Yuriorkis got dropped in his last fight where he got a little too comfortable fighting Perez, whereas Jose got taken down and pounded on by Mark Hominick the last round of their fight.

These guys have very similar head movement to the point where it can be so subtle that it often goes unnoticed. Known for their stopping power, the fighters have stopped opponents with one-shot knockouts and also ripping combinations.

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5. Michael Page and Adrien Broner

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Adrien Broner is one of the newer commodities in the boxing world, and he is quickly rising to super-stardom. His blend of cockiness in and out of the ring as well as his natural ability and athleticism are making him a must-watch fighter. These same characteristics can be seen in the MMA world when you watch a Michael Page fight. The prospect from England only has six fights to his name and is nowhere near a pound-for-pound position, but his combination of unorthodox striking and supreme confidence can only go unnoticed for so long.

The main similarities in their fighting style would be their counter right hand. Both fighters love to back up from their opponents' combinations and then fire a right straight to the chin, a la Floyd Mayweather. Their opponents also rarely put both of these young fighters in trouble, due to some unconventional defensive maneuvers, including Page's karate movement and Broner's 'slightly less-effective-than-Floyds' Philly shell defense.

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4. Quinton Jackson and Mike Tyson

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Mike Tyson is one of the most powerful punchers in boxing history, perhaps only behind the great Earnie Shavers. Tyson was known for his skull-rattling hooks and incredibly dangerous uppercuts. Mike also had very underrated defense, using fast head movement and utilizing his low center of gravity to quickly avoid shots.

Quinton Jackson erupted on to the Japanese scene and quickly became known for his ridiculous slams and takedowns, but soon became recognized for his devastating striking after knocking out Kevin Randleman and breaking Chuck Liddell. As Rampage transitioned to his more striking-orientated fighting style, he developed Tyson-esque hooks displayed in his Silva and Liddell fights.

Jackson also has the tendency to avoid combinations with quick head movement and a high guard, often swinging back with a counter hook just like Tyson. In this way, both Tyson and Jackson have very unappreciated defense.

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3. Dan Henderson and Rocky Marciano

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Huge right hand? Check. Granite chin? Check. Legends of the sport? Check.

Rocky Marciano was one of the greatest heavyweights of all time, sporting a 49-0 record. He was a scary man with a ridiculous amount of power in both hands. Dan Henderson currently is one of the top light heavyweights of the sport, and although he does not have an unblemished record, he still will be considered one of the greats when he finally retires.

Both these men have a right hand, which has been made clear. What they also have is an incredible left hand as well, especially hooks — who could forget Henderson's knockout of Wanderlei? In addition, they were provided with a ton of heart and a rock solid chin by the fighting gods. In Henderson's fight with Cavalcante, he was dropped by some huge shots, and rallied back to finish him in the later rounds with his famed right hand. Rocky Marciano was knocked down and busted up by Jersey Joe Walcott, and came back to knock him out with a thunderous right cross.

These two fighters represent to typical tough-working American man, and they are famed for the same fight-ending tools.

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2. Nick Diaz and Robert Guerrero

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Robert Guerrero and Nick Diaz have many similarities. Both are fiery fighters with Mexican blood running through their veins. Both fighters symbolize the core of the sport, with Guerrero wanting to display boxing in a 'gentleman' like way, and Diaz' constant complaining of lay n' pray in attempt to bring the 'arts' back to MMA.

Fighting style wise, Robert and Nick are fairly flat-footed boxers who love to brawl and throw a large enough amount of combinations to give Compustrike a heart attack. There is also a general lack of one-punch knockout power which is made up for by incredible stamina and a rock-solid chin.

Nick and Robert also failed to win fights against the fighters with the highest ring IQ in Georges St-Pierre and Floyd Mayweather.

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1. Anderson Silva and Muhammad Ali

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This to me was the easiest comparison to make, but I do believe Anderson could be compared to Roy Jones Jr. For now, I will settle with Muhammad Ali.

Both heralded as the 'greatest of all time', these two fighters are simply stunning to watch. Muhammad was known for his out-of-ring antics, while Silva can sometimes be remembered for his in-ring antics such as the Demian Maia fight.

If you look at the second Sonny Liston fight, and then watch Anderson's Forrest Griffin fight, you can really see the resemblance. In these fights, Ali and Silva humiliated their opponents using incredible head movement that can really only be explained by Anderson and Muhammad having the ability to read the future. The ends of these fights are eerily identical as well, with the opponents put down by an inexplicable 'swat' of a punch while moving away.